Adopta Una Familia, Inc

Mission Statement

Set in motion opportunities in communities in Ecuador to improve access to quality housing, education, and health care. By partnering with local leaders, provide resources for community advancement and development through the support of volunteers with common values.

AUF is a United States based, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization partnering with community leaders in Guayaquil, Ecuador in three key development areas. Our goal is to use local and global resources in the most efficient and effective way to promote opportunities for quality

1. Housing
2. Education, and
3. Health

Created as a grass-roots community project in the barrio of Guasmo Sur, Ecuador in 1999, AUF began with building bathrooms in families’ homes. It has since grown into a multi-tiered program that has enriched the lives of hundreds of people in Ecuador and North America. As a by-product of the program’s success, AUF is proud of its history of inspiring service in those that have participated over the years.

1. Housing
• Provide financial and human resources for two building trips each summer. Volunteers' covenant covers travel expenses and a large portion of construction materials.
• Work with the Ecuadorian non-profit, Mi Cometa, and provide grants so that they may hire local community experts, Project Managers, and trades people to partner with US Project Leaders to plan and complete building projects; typically two brand new houses are built in Guasmo Sur during each trip. Recipient families are associated with, and selected by, Mi Cometa.
• Respond to the long term, as well as acute, needs of the community by looking for projects and relationships that foster developmental progress. Finance and assist with additional building projects at the request of community leaders.
• Cultivate a rich cross-cultural experience for all involved through rigorous construction work but also through faith, family time and fun!

2. Education
• Provide scholarship opportunities for local youths to attend primary and secondary schooling.
• Educate the participating students in multiple content areas that they would not otherwise receive enrichment on including: health, poetry, astronomy, cooking, cultural awareness, human rights, and history.
• Provide financial resources for the development and implementation of a weekly tutoring program for students receiving scholarships. These financial resources include funding for local teachers for the tutoring program, sponsoring summer interns, and materials for running the tutoring program’s weekly activities.

3. Healthcare
• Provide comprehensive dental care for families through yearly dental mission trip, prioritizing pediatric services
• Work cooperatively with dental professionals from the Ecuadorian community to provide continued services
• Educate the community in regards to proper nutrition, hygiene and homecare.
• Partner with other US and Ecuadorian based medical professionals to address community needs at the request of local leaders.

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