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Health Projects

In 1998 Linda Smith cleaned her first set of teeth in a small room in the old Mi Cometa building and in 2008 a group of committed dentists, hygienists and assistants from Branford, CT started the first dental project in Guasmo Sur. The first year was exhausting, doing as many as 16 fillings per child and over 200 extractions.

Each year we have seen an improvement in the quality of dental health as we treat the same children on a routine basis.

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2014 Dental Project

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On May 24th, 2014, six third year dental students from UCONN Dental School left for a week of work with AUF, Inc. and the people of Guasmo Sur. They were accompanied by four supervising dentist including the assistant dean of UCONN Dental School. Also volunteering were four assistants and a summer intern from Harvard Divinty School.

On Sunday afternoon, after an overnight flight, the group hosted an open house at Mi Cometa, the non-profit community based center we partner with in Ecuador. The doors opened at 4 pm and there was already a line of more than 50 people. By 4:20 the capacity of appointments available was reached. At the open house people received education in nutrition, instruction in toothbrushing and dental exams. Appointments were then scheduled for the week-long clinic.

The students from UCONN have found the community very receptive to their visit and find the home stay with families a very positive experience. Each evening we spend time with the host families doing a different activity.

This group remains small and intimate, living with host families in the barrio of Guasmo Sur. If you have any interest in this project please contact Linda Smith at

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Community Diabetes Project

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In Ecuador, it is currently estimated that one in fifteen people have diabetes, but that only one in four people knows they have the disease and of those who know, only half are receiving treatment. This is due in large part to a lack of available and affordable preventative care as well as a lack of education about how common and preventable type 2 diabetes can be.

The diabetes program seeks to work with community members of Guasmo Sur who are affected with and by type 2 diabetes to develop a sustainable community diabetes group. The goal the group is to improve the management of diabetes through lifestyle modifications and glucose monitoring among those community members with diabetes and prevent diabetes in those without it through health education. Group participants will meet on a regular basis to learn about diabetes and nutrition education topics as well as discuss their blood sugars and personal health. Ultimately these original group members will serve as group leaders to new diabetes groups in order to meet serve more community members. 

Stephanie Hackett has been traveling to Ecuador for the last eight years and has participated in the Housing Project, Dental Project, served as one of the first tutors for the Education Project, collected and distributed first aid kits, and designed and implemented a community needs assessment. She recently graduated from Emory University with a Master in Public Health degree in Global Health as well as Physician Assisting. 

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