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Education Project - CASF
Creacion Alumnos Sin Fronteras
Students Without Boundaries

This program began as an Educational Grant Program initiated by two high school students from Branford, CT. who had been participants on the summer building project. They were concerned that many of the children they met during their stay in Guasmo Sur did not attend school on a regular basis due to lack of money. Together they started a club in their local high school, raising money for educational grants for students in Guasmo.

The first year they were able to raise enough money for 10 scholarships and now in 2015 we are sponsoring 46 young people through individual grants. Scholarships for students are $450. During the summer of 2007 we had the pleasure and honor of celebrating the high school graduation of the first 5 individuals who had been sponsored by the grant program.

In 2007 a tutoring program designed and implemented by Abby Smith, a long term participant of the building projects, was established to help the young people who were receiving educational grants develop a deeper love for learning and give them added support with their studies. This program is run out of the Mi Cometa community center. The Ecuadorian teaching team was trained by Abby and they work off a monthly “thematic” curriculum that they develop themselves. All lessons are developed to enhance what individuals are already learning in their schools – but special emphasis is placed upon those areas that receive little or no focus in the public system (examples: geography, the arts and science)

During the summer of 2007 the first North American summer internship was offered to two young women (Stephanie Apuzzo and Christine Cotton) who had been participants in the building project for many years. This past summer, 2015 our intern was Maggie Rowe.

We continue to see the results of this great program as the students who participate continue to stay in school, graduate from high school and many continue to the university level.

How Can You Help?
Please consider a scholarship for our students and teachers.

Elementary School Students

Ana Gabriela Guerrero
Ana Gabriela Guerrero Romero

Amaia Alvarado
Amaia Kariel Alvarado Cedeno
New Student

Billy Castillo
Billy Owen Castillo Diaz

Cristopher Reyes
Christopher Snaydher Reyes Choez

Geovanny Manrique
Geovanny Ismael Manrique Huacte

Guillermo Vernaza
Guillermo Vernaza Hurtado

Tatiana Dañin
Geraldine Tatiana Danin Coque

Catalina Cordero
Juliana Catalina Cordero Bohorques

Jackson Jama
Jackson Rolando Jama Ramirez

Jordy Macias
Jordy Macias Juanazo

Kristel Cordero
Kristel Yoselina Cordero Bohorquez
New Student
Needs a Full Scholarship

Litsy Gomez
Litsy Daniela Gomez Roldan
New Student

Nayeli Garcias
Nallely Lilibeth Garcias Roldan
Needs a Half Scholarship

Nicole Cruz
Nicole Elizabeth Cruz Castro
Needs a Full Scholarship

Nixon Castro
Nixon Snaider Castro Mina

Sonny Sarmiento
Sony Alexander Paja
New Student
Needs a Full Scholarship

Viviana Illanes
Viviana Mera Illanes Veronica
New Student
Needs a Full Scholarship

Yandri Montaño 2
Yandri Josue Montano Reyes
New Student
Needs a Full Scholarship

High School Students

Ambar Roldan
Amber Nicole Roldan Timbiano
Needs a Full Scholarship

Aurora Miño
Aurora Lisbeth Miño Medina
Needs a Half Scholarship

Angie Cortes
Angie Fabiola Cortes Hurtado
Needs a Half Scholarship

Byron Quimi
Byron David Quimi Villamar

Andres Baque
Nilo Andres Baque Cordero

Emily Ostaiza
Emily Lisbeth Ostaiza Diaz

Erick Paucar
Erick Joel Paucar Montañ0
Needs a Full Scholarship

Gary Vargas
Gary Jose Vargas Solis

Geraldine Pinillo
Geraldine Nicole Pinillo Mina

Gregory Choez
Gregory Clemente Choez Catuto
Needs a Full Scholarship

Jorge Chiliquinga
Javier Chiliquinga Vargas

Lebert Tayupanda
Jean Leberth Tayupanda Montaño

Jennifer Piloco
Jennifer Elizabeth Piloco Reyes

Jose Fabio Gonzales
Jose Fabio Gonzalez Toala

Josue Gomez
Josue David Gomez Caicedo

Keysi Veliz
Keysi Arturo Veliz Marcillo
Needs a Half Scholarship

Luis Cordero
Luis Gabriel Cordero Bauque
Needs a Half Scholarship

Marcelo Cruz
Marcelo Ronaldo Cruz Chipre
Needs a Half Scholarship

Maria Montero
Maria de losAngeles Montero Choez

Megan Delgado
Megan Angie Delgado Franco

Melanie Niebla
Melanie Cristina Niebla Cali
Needs a Full Scholarship

Meyli Benavides
Meyli Lourdes Benavides Tapia

Michelle Severino
Michelle Evelin Severino Ramirez

Nathalia Baque
Nathalia Judith Baque Cordero

Wladimir Rodriguez
Wladimir Janner Rodriquez Angulo

Jazmine Perez
Thayri Jazmin Perez Galarza


Ricardo Javier Ultrera Maldonado
Needs a Full Scholarship

Contribute a University Grant for our teachers
($2,600 pays for an academic year)

Jairo Orlando Vargas Solis

Still needs $1300

Jairo is 2o years old and was born on May 22, 1994 in Guayaquil. He has been a teacher working with the CASF program for two years. He was a very committed student and scholarship recipient in the Educational Program until he graduated from high school and then became a teacher and recipient of a university scholarship.

He is studying Gastronomia, which is the study of food and culinary arts. He is in his first semester at the ISAC Institute. His dream is to be a Professional Chef and to teach people who want to learn about cooking. He would also like to travel the world and to learn different styles of cooking.

He likes to work with the elementary school kids. The things he likes within the program are planning lessons and doing activities where the students realize things about themselves.

The things Jairo likes to do outside of CASF are listening to music, spending time with his family and playing soccer with his cousins.

Lilibeth Bladis Guerrero Ordonez

Still needs $2300

Lili is 22 years old and lives with her parents in Guasmo Sur. She is a student at the University Laica Vicente Rocafuerte of Guayaquil, studying advertising. She is in her final year of her studies and will be our first university graduate who was a student in the CASF program from its beginning and then after high school graduation became a teacher and university scholarship recipient.

The things she likes to do in her free time are to hang out with her family and go to the movies. Her favorite sport is basketball. She is a really fun and silly teacher. She also likes to listen to music, dance and chat on Facebook.

The person she admires the most is her mother because she is strong and holds her family together. She would like to have a future with God in her heart, family in her life, and a business of her own.

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